More About Us at Mr. Data

Mr.Data has been providing service in the northwest for over 10 years.  We have provide service for all sizes of companies from the small office to the large corporate accounts.
Function First

Hardware, and Software combine to build business systems.  Mr. Data's full service focus guarantees the function is always first.

On the Job for You!

On the Job

You work hard for your success.. and Mr. Data works hard to support you.


Mr. Data has enjoyed long relationships with his customers.  The demand for hardware and software that "meets the need" is satisfied over and over again.

Going Up?
Successful systems are the bed-rock of successful companies world-wide.

Supporting Your Growth

Get a Life!!

Its Your Money
Dollar for dollar, it is investment in data, information and knowledge the yields the big return.

Person to person - that's the reality of the business life.  Have a laugh, take a step back for perspective.  Mr. Data is simply great to work with!
The Bottom Line
Mr. Data knows that yesterday's success is today's benchmark.  Look ahead, and be glad you've got a friend like Mr. Data to wade into tomorrow's systems!
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