Mr. Data presents...    Mr. KLeen!

Remember that old adage?


Computer Case


Just because the inner mechanics of your PC are covered by a case, doesn't mean they don't need attention. Fans and vents that are coated and blocked by dust prevent proper ventilation inside your system.

  • We will remove this build up of this dust which  will increase the "Life Span" of your  internal components
  • Verify that all your peripheral cards are seated properly.
  • Reassemble and clean the outside of the case.

Do you have "Grim Buildup" on your keyboard?  Have food and dust particles fallen between the keys?

  • We thoroughly remove all foreign matter lodged within the keyboard.
  • We clean the entire cover with a non-static producing product focusing on the keycaps which recieve the brunt of daily use.



If you can't see your reflection in your Video Monitor maybe it's time to  "Clean The Screen".

  • We use a multi-surface cleanser to safely  remove any "Unsightly Blemishes",  eliminating static electricity which actually repels harmful dust from your screen.
  • We make sure the vents are free and clear of all dust and any unwanted "Residents?"

Mice tend to lose their responsiveness once dust and grime collect on its roller ball.

  • We inspect the roller for any pits, cracks, or sticky buildup.
  • We clean the contacts and the outside of the mouse housing.

Call today to schedule a visit by Mr. Kleen.  Serving the Portland Oregon metro area at 503-590-7722

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